Monday, February 1, 2010

sewing room news

It just struck me how lame this title is. Aren't you just INTRIGUED? But, I DO have sewing room as much as I am going to HAVE a sewing room! All my own...with all my one awesome is that? Lily has been sleeping in a small, 8' x 10' room (if you can call it that, it's more like a large stairway landing) since she was born. I have my sewing machine set up in my son's room, along with most of my sewing stuff, and the poor thing has no privacy. This has been the situation for quite some time, but lately it's been clear that poor Lee's patience is wearing thin. Soooo, my 13 year old daughter offered this past weekend to share her room with Lily! So I can take the middle room/landing for a sewing room!!! Isn't that just so sweet of her?! My mind is just going a million miles an hour figuring out how I will set it up and what I will put lovely...I am such a lucky Mom to have such great, generous kids. I will post before and after pics of my new work space :)

This is what I did today...sailor pants! love, love, love them


  1. Sailor pants fabulous, gorgeous, thoughtful kids~ priceless! so happy for you,

    Sarah x

  2. Oooh what lovely trouser, I think you truly deserve that sewing room..Emma x

  3. Love the sailor pants and that is 'awesome' news indeed!

    take care,

    Nina xxxx