Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! and giveaway winner :)

Happy, Happy Mother's Day to all my blogland friends!!!

My family really came through for me today...Best. Mother's. Day. Ever.

this is a list of what makes for the perfect day for me:

1. sleeping in till 7...people who aren't parents make think this is early but when you have 2 year olds who rise before the birds, 7 is luxuriously late

2. bacon, eggs, tea and orange juice brought to me on a tray while I lay lounging in bed

3. presents & poems

4. all the kids and hubby hanging with me on the bed, talking and laughing and trying to keep the 2 year old from falling off

5. loooong post breakfast walk...just me and Mike

6. shopping for clothes...all by myself

7.returning home to find lunch on the table and 2 year old happy

8. NAP...oh blessed nap

9. older kids entertaining 2year old all day

10. I LOVE my family...they rock!!!

and now, I hope to add a little something to someone else's day...I forgot to announce the winner of the green dot dress giveaway on the winner is.....Elizabeth!!! Congratulations and if you'll email me your address I will send that off to you this week!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


today is one of those sparkly sea, blue skies, birds singing, green, green grass kind of in it's perfect form...Lily and I spent the morning at a beautiful park that is situated right across the street from a little cove...we went back and forth from the playground to the ocean...Lily waded in the water, explored the seaweed covered rocks and was just so happy...and so was I.

this photo is from a whole year ago...and Lily has changed so much...and I have been lucky to be able to be with her most every day....because, man, it goes fast...when I get anxious about how we are going to keep this circus afloat financially, days like today, and reminders like this picture gently tell me that nothing you can buy in this world is worth more to me than being present for the fleeting moments my child's babyhood.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Grateful Giveaway!

Well, the trunk sale was a big success! So many friends, new and old, came by to support the official launch of my new clothing line. How lucky I am to live in such a great community with such generous and caring people...seriously brings tears to my eyes. Now it's my turn to about this little number? it's a size 2T-3T dress and can be a 4T tunic....Amy Butler Full Moon Dot fabric :)

To enter to win this dress just leave me a comment about what you are grateful for today! I'll have my little giveaway bunny choose a winner out of a hat on...say this Friday, May 7th?

Good Luck!!!