Friday, March 4, 2011

sewing for the girl

I'll admit it, I LOVE dressing my little girl. I sew a lot for her and buy ridiculously expensive shoes for her...with the justification that, if I am saving SO MUCH money by making most of her clothes then certainly I can splurge on shoes, right? So far, Lils has been amazingly compliant. She hasn't had much to say about what she when she started expressing a very clear preference for pink (yup, Princess Pink...yuck!) I felt like I had to give in on it....hence the skirt above. I just made up it up with a rectangle of fabric (45" x 12") and added tulle to the bottom and a band of jersey for the waistband.

Then I was my sewing thang back and ordered some pdf patterns from Heidi and Finn..
such a deal! 5 patterns for 25 dollars. I've sewn 2 pair of cargo pants (of which I do NOT have photos of, stupid camera battery) and this pleated skirt below...which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

I saw a very trendy tiered skirt at le target the other day that I wanted for Lils but didn't want to spend $15 so I found this pattern from Pink Chickaddee Patterns and today I'll use some of my stash fabric and tulle to try to recreate...and it'll be pinkish and perfect for a certain 3 year old.

I really like the Heidi and Finn patterns...the photos could be a bit brighter but the instructions are good. The styles are a little different and not too cutesy(a feature I am clearly negating by constructing the garments in pink, pink, pink.). I have 3 more patterns of theirs to try out and I'll post photos (if I can get the stupid camera to work) when I do. The Pink Chickadee Tutorial looks good...I'll report back later...
anyone else have any recommendations for good patterns?