Wednesday, May 5, 2010


today is one of those sparkly sea, blue skies, birds singing, green, green grass kind of in it's perfect form...Lily and I spent the morning at a beautiful park that is situated right across the street from a little cove...we went back and forth from the playground to the ocean...Lily waded in the water, explored the seaweed covered rocks and was just so happy...and so was I.

this photo is from a whole year ago...and Lily has changed so much...and I have been lucky to be able to be with her most every day....because, man, it goes fast...when I get anxious about how we are going to keep this circus afloat financially, days like today, and reminders like this picture gently tell me that nothing you can buy in this world is worth more to me than being present for the fleeting moments my child's babyhood.


  1. What a gorgeous photo. Ohh why do they have to grow so quickly :-(

  2. You are lucky, you have a beautiful family! and you made the best choice ever! Staying home is definitely worth it. We're so glad the trunk sale went well, we wish we had been there. Ciao!

  3. This time last year I remember so well the stress of having a eighteen month/two year old, but a year on and how much the've grown...I think I become more contented each day.

    Have a lovely Jen,

    Nina x