Tuesday, February 23, 2010

change is in the air

what odd photos huh? but they were the only ones I had that showed the hat and scarf and coat...so ingnore poor Lily's bizarre/forlorn expression...thank you
so, back to the change the title of this post alludes to...I can feel it... spring is coming...even though it is still cold out...despite the snow and rain forecast for the next 4 days...somehow the air just feels softer, fresher...it makes me think of Easter and being small and dressed in a new pastel dress, hat and coat and still being a liiiiittle underdressed for the temps outside.Maybe it's just because 38 degrees seems to feel warmer in late February than it did in November...because you KNOW the winter will be over soon. Whatever it is...makes me happy and makes me itch to sew a new wardrobe for the babe and BUY a new wardrobe for myself (but THAT'S not going to happen soooooo...back to the sewing thing!) . The spring coat above is made with the famous (if it's not, it should be) Asymmetrical Reversible Jacket pattern from Kitschycoo and the beautiful Amy Butler Fabric so generously given to me by onlinefabricstore.net. I used some light blue quilted fabric that I already had for the reverse side. Then, since I didn't have a hat to match I made a little beret out the rest of the blue cashmere sweater that I seem to have used for so many different projects...I made a short scarf too and appliqued them with little bits of the remaining Amy Butler fabric. Now Lily's all set for the cool, windy spring that we seem to get here in Salem. I'm on to sewing some jeans, sailor pants and skirts to finish up Lil's spring clothes and then...on to MY new stuff...a light wool jacket and of course the skirt that I will do for Kitschycoo's Sew Along! Lot's to do, lot's to do...
hope you are having a good day and if you're not, hope you have some wine and chocolate ;)


  1. Love the jacket, that Amy Butler fabric is delicious!

  2. Awah Lily is adorable, the hat and scarf are lovely, wouldn't mind a set for myself ha ha..
    Emma x

  3. This little ensemble is gorgeous. I also have a spring coat on my makes list for my Whirlwind. I may have to take a closer look at Ms Butlers selection now!
    And you know that i am sooo now going to be pestering you for help in 'The Cool Girls Club'......Can i sit next to you please, coz in bound to get stuck!
    x Kym