Friday, March 5, 2010


....finally, some time to spend alone, in my sewing room...between sick and hospitalized Father and Father in law, teens who require SO MUCH driving around and a two year old who is just being who she is, I have had very little time to pee, never mind sew! But, I did get an hour or so of peace this afternoon and boy, does it make me feel better to just MAKE something. I think sewing is my yoga...the hum of the machine, the putting together of disjointed pieces to create a beautiful whole...aaaahhhh...much better. The very poor photo above is my progress on a new bag for myself for spring. I used a bit more of the Amy Butler fabric donated by (I PROMISE I will have photos next week of the beautiful projects my students are sewing). I used some pink and tan tweedy, woven fabric that I have had for ages as the it so far! Oh and if you haven't checked out, you should (very reasonable prices), and click on their blog too...some really good info on sewing for the home and just a lot of useful technical sewing tips.

On the sewing class front, April should be very busy! Through the Salem, MA Parks and Recreation I will start offering a Monday night sewing class series. The first one will be a 4 week series beginning April 19th and the project will be a Tote bag. I will also be offering two workshops for kids during April school vacation week. One workshop will be sewing a felt IPod holder and the other will be a felt paper doll class. I will post the exact dates and times and who to register with very soon!


  1. ...given my sewing abilities I should start with the kids class! I'd like an ipod holder although the doll sounds adorable and I have just the right little person who would love it. What a great idea! Can't wait to see that bag finished it looks really pretty and ready for spring.

  2. Oh I wish I had time to would definitely be my yoga too, but my two year old is 'being two' and life with it's demands - maybe next year..........maybe!

    Have a wonderrul weekend,

    Nina xx

  3. oooooh Im loving the look of that bag, lovely fabric. I need me a new spring bag, but i am going to have to put that off for a few march sewing list seems to be getting longer by the day, and my soon to be 2yr old is not being very accommodating!
    Thanks for the FB adds.
    Hows the skirt going?
    I have pieces cut ready to sew!
    x K

  4. Hello Jennifer,
    As you are one of my favourite bloggers,
    I have nominated you for a SUNSHINE AWARD!
    Have a peek on my blog if you would like further information.
    Em xxx