Thursday, March 11, 2010

done and on my way...

spring bag....finally finished

Cool Girls' Club Sew Along progress...not as difficult to make up the pattern as I'd been imagining...but disconcerting...that's my body shape?! it's an official fact...I am built like a tube...the instructions for the pattern keep talking about allowing for one's curves...and dealing with the difference between waist and hip measurement by using a curve to soften it...I have no discrepancy...just a straight less step , I suppose ;)


  1. Bag looks great!

    And... you're not the first to say this about the skirt measurement, I've seen everyone across the board saying that they are shaped like tubes! Just going to do my measurements now...

    Oh, and I never told you what fabric it was that you asked about in my fabric closet post- it's Amy Butler linen in morning glory!

  2. Hello, just wanted to say thank you for your kind comment about Ging.
    I wish I lived nearer, haha, then you could teach me to sew...Em x

  3. Ha ha indeed! I bought a french curve ruler for this project...Its still in the wrapper!
    I stitched up my muslin last night....Lets just say i think my measurements were all off! Have had to re-measure!
    x K