Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cool Skirt

Between me being crazy sick (pneumonia) and my poor father in law spending so much time in the hospital there has not a lot of time around here to do much blogging...OR sewing...but I did manage to get my skirt done for the Kitschycoo Design it Yourself Sew Along...whew! just a day late! and yes, this skirt is probably a dollar short :( Kind of too big, kind of too ugly...but it's a start. And I have some very beautiful Amy Butler fabric that I am going to use to try again...hopefuly this week I can sew during the little one's naps again and get back on track...see you soon!!


  1. I think just about everyone who made one wasn't happy with the first result, so never fear. The fabric is pretty and I don't think it's ugly. There's lots of chatter in the Flikr group about fixing the fit, so your next one should be just right. And with Amy Butler how could you go wrong?

  2. Sorry you've not been well :(

    I don't think you should be disappointed with that, it looks cute! Pretty much everyone who has made the skirt has had the first one end up too big. Looking forward to seeing hte Amy Butler one!

  3. Hope your feeling much better.
    I think the skirt looks good. As the two previous lovlie ladies have said, everyones first attempts have needed a bit of tweeking. I Need to photograph my finished one, but im waiting for a day when my belly is feeling shy and doesnt want in on the picture!
    x K