Friday, February 19, 2010

Amy Butler Fabric!!!

ok, so I'm not sure if I should feel bad about this (because I read so many blog posts by people agonizing over whether they should accept compensation for mentioning products on their blogs) but I have to be honest, I had not one moment's hesitation when I opened an email I received from a very nice guy named Andrew from Andrew wondered if I would like to have my sewing students choose $25 worth of his company's new Amy Butler line. The deal is that they will sew something from the fabric and I will write a blog post featuring their creations and, of course, mentioning I accepted immediately and gratefully and the next evening my Tuesday night students made their fabric selections. Well, the fabric came in the mail the other day..such a nice feeling to get a package in the mail...and I was even more delighted because Andrew had actually sent 4 yards of fabric, instead of 3 and the extra yard is just perfect for a project that I have in mind! The top photo gives a little sneak peak of that. I have never used Amy Butler fabric before and I do have to say, it is GORGEOUS in person. Such a nice drape to it and the colors and patterns are so sophisticated...I am definitely a convert. So, thanks so much Andrew and I look forward to showing you all the beautiful things my sewing ladies come up with!

1 comment:

  1. Mmmm...Amy Butler fabrics - I love you're students choices.

    Can't wait to see what is made.

    Nina x