Saturday, February 13, 2010

trying to find the positive

A little something I made for my Dibby for her birthday...Dibs is my ex-mother in law and she's the kindest person I have ever known...Dibs taught me how to sew a looong time ago...she's a fabulous seamstress and is kind of like the McGyver of fabric...she can make anything from some fabric, a sewing machine and a glue gun. She made me who I am and is the person I call when I need advice. Love her so much. Dibby loves to accessorize and is always so well dressed and perfectly put, a little scarf made from some AMH Little Folks voile with a purse pin to pull it together...

I got my Little Folks voile in the mail the other day and at first I was planning on using it to make an Easter dress for Lils...but it is just sooo silky (despite the fact that it's 100% cotton) and so fine and just gorgeous...I think it is more of a grown up fabric. I want Lily's Easter dress to be special but I also want her to be able to wear it again, on not so fancy occasions and I fear this fabric wouldn't hold up well to a 2 year old's wear and tear. So, oh poor me, I'll have to just use it to make something for myself ;) I have to gush a little more about the's kind of sheer, but not too sheer, silky but not in that rayon kind of way, retro in the most contemporary way... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

Check out the sun streaming through it....makes me think of summer
makes me want to sew a beautiful summer dress and wear it on a sunny, warm day....sigh...

I am on day 18 of this cold/flu/plague...and I don't seem to be getting better...despite a round of antibiotics, 2 new inhalers and endless cups of tea with honey and symptoms just seem to be morphing...chest cold, to head cold and just endless coughing...and to top it all off, I have fractured a rib from the coughing...hurts like hell... i'm starting to lose it a little, really
But, this afternoon I made myself do what I do..I sewed a scarf for Dibs, made one for myself too and took advantage of the thin winter sunshine to take some photos...and I'm feeling marginally better...this too shall pass, right? (note of desperation in her voice) ;)

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  1. Oh sweetheart, you are having a rotten time! And you're still making beautiful things! Hope you soon feel much better. Lots of love, Amanda xxx