Wednesday, February 10, 2010

creative space....a case of the blahs

Looks a little forlorn huh? Maybe it's just me. The mushroom colored linen looked ace for the sailor pants a couple of posts ago, but as used in this sailor dress...well.... meh. The pattern is a vintage Simplicity...lot's of dressmaker details, good things to learn...but the buttonholes...the buttonholes...Mother of God, I'm back to hating buttonholes. Maybe it's my machine, maybe the fabric is too soft, maybe my tension is off, but they just look like crap. And that is hard for me to take when I've spent a couple of hours making a dress and then to have the last step ruin the whole damn thing...collar's cute though. What do you think, should I just use snaps and sew buttons on the front as a ruse? or maybe I should just scrap it altogether?


  1. Go for the snaps, too cute to scrap!

  2. Don't scrap it's lovely - definitely go with the snaps.

    Nina xx

    ps. I think your right we have your foot!!