Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Cool Girls' Club

Amanda from Kitschycoo , one of my most favorite pattern makers/tutorial sharers/bloggers has put together a sew along. Check out the link to Amanda's blog for all the details. The link is supposed to be in my sidebar but Blogger is not being cooperative with me today and I just don't have the patience to try, I have some solitary, Sunday afternoon sewing time that starts! and I don't want to waste it fiddling with the damned computer.

This comes at a good time for me...I have been feeling very seamstressy lately...been wanting to up my skills in the dressmaking department, plus, I need some new spring clothes, have a very strange shape (no waist at all...pregnancy with third child seems to have put and end to that bit of anatomy) and very little money to buy anything new with. So, the project is a skirt and I am so excited! I ordered the book (Design it Yoursef Clothes by Cal Patch) yesterday and have some good linen to use...maybe try to make a Boden esque kind of skirt...with circle appliques or something. I just realized that Flossie Teacakes also recommends this book check out this post.

So, want to be a "Cool Girl"?


  1. Looking forward to seeing how your skirt turns out x

  2. Wow, so cool about the om-line fabric store! Brilliant!
    Liking the sound of the skirt too. See you when I get back from Cornwall, you would like there!

    Sarah x