Sunday, January 31, 2010

button it!

I've always avoided buttonholes...preferring snaps so I just wouldn't have to deal. But, there comes a time when you just have to face your fears and plunge in and figure the freaking thing out. Especially since I teach sewing and feel like I need to know this stuff for my students. I mentioned before that my next project was going to be some adorable and very chic sailor pants using a pattern from Danslalune.

I also bought a pattern for a sailor top and dress, to go with the pants...apart from the sailor theme they also have another similarity...lots of buttonholes....the time has come, my friends...time to face my fears and JUST DO IT.

Now, I can make buttonholes manually, but they are so time consuming and don't always look perfectly neat and tidy. So, I got out the buttonhole attachment for my machine, but, since I don't have the manual (always the little details that derail me) I had no idea how it worked. But, through the magic of the interwebnets I found a link to this and I was saved! Enlightened, learned, THRILLED!!!! Because it is so. much. easier. than I ever thought it could be! You just put your button on the buttonholer and it makes the buttonhole the correct length for that particular button! Who knew?!!! Now, I know all of you experienced sewers out there, or sewers who have the good sense to keep their machine manual and can read, probably think I am ridiculous, but I seriously feel like I have made a break through...hooray!


  1. Hi Jennifer. I'm so in awe that you've actually taken the button hole plunge. I'm completely clueless! I've got one of those buttonhole things but like you had no instructions for it, so i'm going to follow your link right now! Those pants are absolutly beautiful! Love Amanda xxx

  2. Thank you so much for this link - just what I needed to finally get to grips with these things!