Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Every week I marvel at the beautiful items that my sewing students are turning out....coats, dresses and aprons, zippered make up bags, baby shoes and several styles of handbags. Check out this handbag that Kara finished up last night. I developed this pattern for myself because I wanted a big enough bag ( but not toooo big) that had small pockets on the outside to hold my cell phone and could fit a couple of diapers and my wallet and stuff on the inside. I got so many requests for the pattern that I decided to offer it to my students. Kara did my pattern proud :) Gray wool with a midnight blue and plum and black geometric patterned lining....welted pocket on the front and back. Kara has a great eye for choosing fabric combinations...always elegant and lovely...just like her!

p.s. I have one opening for my next series of sewing classes that meet on Tuesday evenings, starting next Tuesday, Feb 2nd. Email me for more info :)

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  1. What a shame i don't live near you, Jennifer. I'd leap at the chance!Lots of love, Amanda xxx