Tuesday, January 26, 2010

spring dreams

i have been meaning to post more often but the days just keep getting away from me. I haven't accomplished much sewing...but I've been planning, for spring. I think this may be the last stretch in which Lily will let me dress her, she hasn't shown a strong opinion yet about her clothes. So I am going to take full advantage! This coat pattern from Oliver + S is definitely on my list. I'm saving up for some Amy Butler Love oilcloth (this stuff is pricey!) and will make a raincoat and probably a hat.

LOVE this little dress pattern ...I am thinking of making it in a, what else?!, Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Voile. There's a book that Lily loves called "Chrysanthamum" by Kevin Henckes and the clothes that he draws for Chrysanthamum are awesome. One of the illustrations is of Chrysanthamum in a pink and orange floral dress with a round yoke just like this...I think I have to make it...Easter dress!
Oliver + S Playdate Dress Pattern

So, while my goal was to be making patterns to have for sale here sometime soon, I'm thinking that particular idea will have to wait for a while. One hour a day of naptime freedom does not a business make. But, I will make a business...all in good time. For now I am enjoying my kids and teaching my classes and dreaming of the things I will sew!


  1. Cute patterns! I am also dreaming of spring, it's freeeeeezing here in Germany right now!

  2. The patterns are adorable and I am soooo dreaming of Spring too.