Sunday, October 20, 2013

through the fields that run down to the Essex river

I am up early this Sunday morning, enjoying the quiet. It is completely dark outside, like the middle of the night. I love this time of day.

 My thoughts are jumbled up these last few days. I'm finding it hard to be calm and clear. This state of mind is half hormonal and half my own, anxious nature rearing it's ugly head. I want to move. NOW. And we can't....not just oldest girl needs to finish her last year of high school, it would be cruel to pull her out at this point and impractical,at best, to have her commute. So, we stay for a few more really is only just that, a few more months.

Yesterday we went to a beautiful place in Essex, MA. Cogswell's Grant was having a pumpkin festival. Our Lils didn't want to go...she has been waiting all week to go to her Nana and Papa's to sleep over and just wanted to get there as soon as she could on Saturday morning. Once M and I got to the festival I was so sorry we hadn't insisted that she come. It was lovely and quaint and old fashioned and sweet. There was a hayride out to a field where you could pick your own pumpkin. You could carve a pumpkin and do crafts. They had organized corn shucking contests and the kids could turn an apple press. Lils would have loved it.

M and I took a long walk through the fields that run down to the Essex river. As we were looking out, across the river, we realized that the field we were standing in is the very same field that we see while sitting in our favorite spot at Cox Reservation! It is in fact, my current blog header photo! We should have realized this...but we are directionally challenged and never made the connection ;)

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