Monday, October 14, 2013

The plan

Well hello there! I find myself craving the creativity and relative calm that was my life before I decided to go back to work outside of the home. It's a tough world out there! So, I thought I might start blogging a bit again, even if only to have a reminder of all the lovely things in my life. A place to keep a memory of the beauty in all the mundane things that make up my life. Something to keep me connected to that creative part of myself while my husband and I work very hard at making another dream come true.
You see, we are planning on moving to the country next spring. After so many years here in the city I find that I have fallen out of love with it. M and I have decided that we want something different, a life that we create for ourselves in a more peaceful and quiet place. We have been getting all our ducks in a row and preparing our current home for sale and getting our finances sturdy so that we can take this leap into a new life. I kind of thought that I would chronicle this journey from here to there in this blog.

The projects: I'll start with the ones we have completed to make myself feel better...the funny thing is, as soon as we complete this stuff here in our current house we will be starting it all again in our new house. M and I knew when we decided to do this that we were signing on for a couple of years of hard labor...

Landscape backyard -Done!

Completed both bathrooms - wallpaper the downstairs bath and finished both with minor items like toilet paper holders, soap dishes/dispensers etc 

Paint outside trim and foundation and doors- Just completed this whole thing this weekend...what a difference a coat of paint makes! 

Spruce up the kitchen...removed some cabinets and replaced them with open shelving, painted the whole thing and got a new stove and dishwasher-Done! I love the way the kitchen came out and I will share the before and after for you in a future post

Now the projects that remain:

Clean and paint the basement...get rid of the cobwebs and spiders...yuck!

Wallpaper the master bedroom with beadboard and textured wallpaper to make these old, old walls look better , add trim and molding

Replace 2 basement windows

And that will be that...ready to sell and then we can look for our new home :)

So, I will be posting here more regularly. I'll share some projects and ideas for saving money...maybe a recipe or two...

until next time! 

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