Saturday, August 1, 2009


So, I did some sewing this week...quite a lot actually...10 dresses for a local store. This is quite a feat for me, since having Lily I have been much less productive, sometimes maddeningly so. But, back to my old groove I went this week, with a day off for good behavior, and it feels good! I also got my first Etsy sale this week as well, so, it appears that maybe this sewing of children's clothes thing may actually work out after all :) My dresses will be for sale at Crunchy Granola Baby here in Salem, MA, and this weekend they are having a great sale to mark their 3 year anniversary! Congratulations Jennie! If you haven't been to CGB or visited their website you really should...Jennie has fabulous baby stuff and her store also offers classes and workshops and playgroups. Such a great resource for parents and their babies!

Some pics of the dresses below and I will also put a couple of the designs up for sale on Etsy. Have a great weekend everyone!

Little Deer

Parisian Baby


  1. Beautiful dresses and well done - you did it, yeah!

    Have a lovely weekend in return. It's looking more and more like Autumn here in the UK - you wouldn't think it was August!

    Nina x

  2. wow-I am so impressed. congratulations!
    please send some productiveness (and a Mia!) my way!

  3. Congrats on getting them completed! They look beautiful. :)