Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Both sides of the Rocket Ship Reversible Coat

So, boys stuff....that's what I'm trying to do...but since it's hot as ------(insert your own explicative) out I am having a very difficult time remaining focused...all I want to do is lay in front of the air conditioner and read (The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman)...alas....I've got a whiny toddler, one ennui afflicted teen and another who's having a midteen life crisis....summer fun!!! Well, all is not difficult... off to the beach early today before it gets too hot to even be outside.

poor Lily....forced to model a wool bonnet on a 95 degree day...no wonder she's whiny!!!


  1. Way too hot to be working with wool. Im looking into making beach dresses for the little girls in my life.

  2. Ahhhhhh - I have that all to come well the teenage stuff anyway I still have the whiny toddler today!!

    The beach - now that sounds like a plan.

    Have a good one,

    Nina x