Thursday, August 20, 2009

beach baby

The dog days of summer are here...kind of hard to deal with since we have just been plunged into them here in the lead up to it...just cool and rainy and then all of a sudden BLAZING hot and humid...but, I'm trying, really, I am. Yesterday morning I put Lily on my bike at 6:45 AM (while it was still a little cool) and we rode down to Winter Island. We played on the beach for a bit, watched the hermit crabs in the shallow pools and just had a nice quiet moment. I'm always so glad when I make the time to just be with my babe.


  1. The beach is the best place to be i say. How lucky you can be there so early in the morning

  2. It is just starting to cool down here after having a couple of weeks of 'very' hot weather though the beach is always the place we head to on those kind of days.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x