Sunday, August 30, 2009

30 days of happiness :: discovering new blogs

I love the spiderweb like connections that you make while looking at other people's blogs...reading their blog lists, clicking on one, then reading THEIR blog list and clicking on one that looks intriguing and so on. This is how I got to my newest blog obsession, Helena Halme. I read Belgian Waffle (which is clever and ridiculously funny and sometimes heartbreaking ) every day which led me to Mrs. Trefusis takes a taxi (amazing writing...v. v. funny) which led me to HER.....helena halme...and her installment story of how she met and fell in love with her husband...sigh...I'm in blog love.


  1. You're so kind. Thank you very much, I love getting feedback on my writing.


    PS. Part 19 should be up mid-week (fair wind and all that)

  2. Spiderwebbing, I like that! I just love blog skipping picking up a blog on someone's sidebar in a random manner. hmmm spiderwebs arent random, but anyway. I am a better reader than a writer, blog posts have slowed way down.

    I saw that you won quilt home's drawing for the week. They are really nice people.

    Happy Sewing

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