Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm finally figuring some things out...

So I'm back in the saddle ...sewing to fill my revamped Etsy store and for a little shopping event to be held April 30th (Mom's Night Out) and May 1st (Open House from 9-2) for my local customers. And despite my fears of being overwhelmed, it's not so bad...I think I am finally getting the hang of a couple of things that I should have learned years ago:

1. everything is a lot easier when broken down into small tasks

2. to not think about what I have to do while I am doing something else...compartmentalize...enjoy the cutting out of dresses while I am doing this...enjoy pushing Lily on the swing while I am doing that

3. everything has a way of working out, of coming together in the matter how I why not choose to be happy, since being anxious doesn't affect the outcome?

And, I LOVE the stuff I'm making...I think I've got a good "look" going...a cohesive "Little Birds Fly" thang going on...I put the thingie up take a look and let me know what you think...I'll be adding to the store almost every day...a new sundress style early next week that I am particularly proud of...hope you all have a great weekend!!!


  1. If I have a girl I know she will be properly clothed. LOL
    Yay for soul searching and creating!!

  2. Well done Jen....All the pieces look lovely, I am definitely loving your 'LBF look'

    An organized, Happy mind does indeed lead to an organized, Happy life!.......So I'm told!
    And your welcome to dinner round mine anytime.