Tuesday, April 20, 2010


this is what my kids see when they visit me in my workroom...Lee took this picture...April vacation for them this week which means that I have a bit more time than usual to sew...niiiice :)

today I am trying...reeeeeaaaallly hard to come up with some baby boy stuff...I get so distracted by all the bright, girly fabric that surrounds me...I can always find inspiration for a new dress...but I'm struggling to find my mojo when it comes to more masculine baby stuff...any suggestions?


  1. Sorry no, but I know Nicola at 'Which Name?' is having exactly the same trouble.

    Nina x

  2. I am always attracted to little boys plain colored shirts with an asymetrical stamp-print-design-applique or something on the side? You know wrapping from the front around to the back? Little overalls are always cute...Boys are tough. I have no idea besides that!

  3. How about some cute dungarees, they are just so adorable and also practical.