Saturday, October 24, 2009

slow day

Felted acorn garland...thank you bluebirdbaby for the inspiration

Lilykins was a sick little girl yesterday...just a fever and a cold. Isn't it kind of nice when they are sick but not too sick? Lily gets so snuggly and quiet, it's the only time she's not in constant motion. So we stayed home all day in our jammies and watched a lot of tv. I finished up a few a lovely package in the mail and ended the day with a kick ass dinner that Mike and I got to enjoy all by our lonesomes...a nice day overall!

Too little of this....I'm trying to
get some Christmas gifts made ... A lot of this :(
but today was not the day


Shoes!!!!! Finally came in the mail :) Aren't these little red boots adorable??? Sarah Jane Down the Lane, I think you will have to add them to the list of red love :)


Scallops, broccoli, Jasmine rice with a white wine and cream sauce...seriously good...with a glass of Vinho Verde...aaaaahhhh it's the weekend.


  1. They are absoloutley on the list! arent they gorgeous!

    Now lets have a little chat about that beautiful string of acorns............BRILLIANT really made me smile. Hope the Lilykins is feeling better? A Jama day is just thing!

    Love Sarah x

  2. Oh that dinner looks so scrumptious!

  3. I loooooove the acorn garland so perfect and autumnal.

    The red boots are gorgeous I always wish they did adult sizes. Hope Lily feels better soon it's rotten when the little ones are unwell,

    have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  4. Wow, thanks for my destructions, tee hee!
    We always call instructions "destructions" in our house! I will try to make a garland because I really do love it!

    Sarah x