Friday, October 2, 2009

Halloween has begun...

Baby Squirrel...couldn't get Lily to put the bottle down...but she kept the costume "dat mama made" on all night long :)

Let the festivities begin!!!....if you live in Salem anyway....most of the world that celebrates Halloween has until October 31 to get a costume together, but if you live here in Salem then the pressure is on for the first Thursday in October. In time for the Haunted Happenings Halloween Parade. THE event that kicks off the Halloween season. The parade is really the only event that is for the families that live in Salem. It's my favorite...all the school kids march with their schools, Mia conducted the Middle School Marching Band...and it's just a happy, funny, slightly spooky evening where you see your neighbors and friends and check out the adorable costumes, have a hot cider and the whole thing is wrapped up by 8pm...just in time for the kiddos to go home and go to bed and the grownups to put their feet up and have a nice glass of fortify ourselves for the craziness that is to come...oh my, October in Salem....

Squirrel Lily and her best friend "Jasmine" Maddie


  1. 'Oh' what a beautiful grey squirrel and what a perfect place to live in October.

    Happy witching and have a lovely weekend,

    Nina xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I usually don't care for the squirrels...but this one is so cutie patutie! I can't believe you made that costume...well, I is just so cute!!! I miss Salem...

  3. OH, how sweet can one be! Lovely

    Anna x

  4. They are adorable!!! I think it's great that you have your own festivities so early. I've never been to Salem at Halloween, because I've heard the tourist crowds can be unbearable! But Salem is one of my favorite places in the world. How wonderful that your community has some special time for itself before the mayhem begins!!!

  5. Very cute! Sounds like you have great halloween festivities to attend, how fun. We have a bit of halloween in germany, it's slowly catching on but nothing huge like at home. My girfriend (and co-blogger) sets up trick-or-treating in downtown Ludwigsburg by 'baiting' the local downtown store with candy, then we come by later with the kids. It's so sweet (in many ways!) and tons of fun.