Monday, October 26, 2009


This is what I have made for Lily for Christmas, so far...Pointy Kitty from WeeWonderfuls (I got the idea from the wonderful blog Annas Dagar) and a felted ball...I have A LOT more work to do...I'd love to make her one of these little Gnome Houses and some little dolls and a stuffed elephant, little hedgehogs, stuff like that.I always have such high hopes for what I can accomplish for Christmas, but this year, since I do have more time at home and Lily can entertain herself a little bit, I would be very happy if I could make most of the presents. Being able to stay home and be the one to care for Lily is such a gift for me and I am always trying to find ways to save money and make occured to me this weekend that by making gifts I am making money by not spending money. So frugal, I know, but hey, this is my way to "live the dream" as my friend Melissa says :) Whatever works!


  1. Nice pointy pussy cat! I always lve to receive hand made gifts, they are so personal and all to be treasured I am sure all those who receive a homemade presie will be really chuffed,

    Sarah x

  2. I am with you on the homemade stuff and a kitty is a start - such an adorable kitty at that and I'm sure Lily will love it not only because it is handmade but because her mama made it too.

    Nina x

  3. Kitty is lovely with her little collar!Your daughter will love her!

    Anna x