Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer 's almost here!!!

Crazy busy end of the school year...the days just seem to pass by in a blur...I am so looking forward to next week...summer vacation, finally!!!

Tonight is the first night of my latest sewing class series, hosted by my very lovely friend Jamie :) I have been preparing for the classes and working so hard on setting up my Etsy store. Another wonderful and kind friend Briana has so generously been making all of the graphics for the store and for my business in general as well as walking me through the whole process on Etsy. I am so blessed to have such friends :) Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart.

Ok, so a little post script from my last post...remember the Dogtown debacle? Well, since I try to be a good friend and wife and since (inexplicably) Mike was so disappointed that we didn't get to properly explore the Dogtown Commons due to Lily's meltdown and my post surgery wimpiness a couple of weeks ago, I offered to go with him (sans Lily) to attempt our trek again. Not to toot my own horn but , pretty nice of me huh? Oh, I'm building points here...Mike is too new at this marriage thing, he has no idea how I will bring this up in the future...well, maybe now he will, since he reads this blog...hi Hon;) Any way, I digress....here are some pictures of our latest, far more successful attempt to ferret out stones that used to be part of foundations of houses back in the 17oo's..oh, and did I mention that there were warnings about ticks everywhere?.....fun....

yeah, it was just a gravel path with lots of rocks... to either side...rocks all looked the same...but then, we went to a very beautiful place that didn't involve too much hiking, or ticks...
Halibut Point in Rockport, MA...just stunning...and I was much happier ...see below


  1. Gosh, you're gorgeous, aren't you?! Oh, scenery too. But not as much as you ;)

  2. You look AMAZING!
    and thank you for the kind mention above.

  3. Wow, such lovely pictures - truly amazing!

    take care and sorry for the posting catch up -

    Nina x