Sunday, June 21, 2009

Extreme Makeover - Kitchen!!!

Well, maybe not extreme...but I did pull off a makeover this weekend! My friend Stacia passed along a very sturdy wooden play kitchen for Lily. In Stacia's words "it just needs a little love".
I think, dear reader, that you will agree.

So that is what I did on Friday and Saturday night. A glass or two (maybe three) of wine, great music (Elliot Smith, Kings of Convenience) and some paint......

I gave this sad little kitchen some love and....


I am particularly pleased with the way the sink and cooktop came out...Yesterday afternoon I went on a quest for a bowl to fit into the sink opening...and I found a $1.00 plastic bowl from Walgreens...with black stripes around the edges...looks like porcelain and the black stripes really go with the black burners..looks kind of "retro" don't you think?....and I got really into mixing paint to come up with a "rubbed nickel" finish for the faucet....yes, I DO get lost in the details... But look how cute!!!

Here is Miss Liykins herself, cooking some breakfast for her Daddy...

Very fitting because it's Mike's big day!
Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy, Step Daddy and Husband!!!
We are the luckiest bunch because you are ours


  1. 'Oh My' that is gorgeous!! I loved the looked of it in it's natural state, but then on scrolling down you have done a fabulous job - I love it!

    Nina x

  2. I love it! Lily is so lucky!!! Can't wait to get a better look in person...

  3. Very cute. I picked up a cheap little kitchen for my son. Thankfully it already came painted.

    So cute