Sunday, January 30, 2011


all finished and ready to give...I used this wonderful tutorial from Aneela Hoey of Comfortstitching and it was a lot of fun...a lot of work ...not sure if quilting is really my thing but I am very happy that I gave it a try....we have been trying to get up to see the little babies the quilts are meant for, for about a month now...but it just. keeps. snowing. ..uuughh...hopefully we will get there very soon :)

since I am no longer doing too much sewing(read ANY) for my Etsy store or for fairs ...not really worth it in the end...I did learn this lesson years ago with my now extinct handbag business, but I guess I had to learn it again...we now have a little more space! ...the teeny, tiny room at the top of our stairs that has now been turned into a playroom for Lily...I am working on a very cool (at least I hope it turns out that way!) wall soon!

hope you are having a lovely weekend!


  1. Those came out absolutely beautiful, well done!

  2. They are awesome and will be dearly loved.

    Nina x