Thursday, December 17, 2009


....of calm...I lost it a bit last week...lost my balance, got that knot of anxiety in my chest...that wild, frantic feeling in my head....but, I stopped what I was doing, yelled a bit, had a good cry and slowly got myself back to rights. That's one of the very good things about being "almost" 42....this has happened before, I know how this scene goes down in many different situations and I also know how to stop it before it gets too ugly. So, since I didn't want to have a full on Christmas meltdown in the inimitable style of my Mom, I decided to simplify...seriously the best course of action I have found in most situations. I've cleared the calendar for this week and spent time, when not teaching classes, with my kids...doing nothing, looking at the lights on the tree, taking a nap, getting the little one's picture taken with Santa....truly the best gift I can give myself....AND my family because, like it or not, how does that saying go? "when Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"

squirrel garland...and a lovely ornament from Amanda makes

our little Tomten


  1. Aw gave me a mention! So surreal to think my little pudding is on your tree all those many miles away. Thankyou my dear.Was sorry to hear it's been a tough time for you. I think more of us get to that point than we imagine. I do...frequently. You've done the right thing. As my daughter tells me-'Chillax Mum' Preferably with a glass of mulled wine and some choccy.
    Much love, Amanda xxx

  2. We all have our moments and I think melt down for me was yesterday, but like you say a good old cry and time out is just the best therapy.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Nian x