Wednesday, September 9, 2009

30 days of happiness:: monkey business

Perfect day today...cell phone shut off...older kids back to school..quiet, clean house during Lily's TWO (bless you child) naps and sewing just for the fun of it...throw some time outside in the sunshine and cool autumn air at the playground in the mix, a delicious, easy dinner shared with my handsome husband and I am a very happy and contented's good to have a day like today to remind me that slowing down is not only possible, but necessary...sweet dreams :)


  1. 'Two' naps 'oh my' I wish!!

    Love the monkey pants -

    Nina x

  2. hello and thank you for popping by my blog. I so love the Ingalls Wilder books and know just what you mean about recreating a little of what they did. Great start with your little one's wardrobe x