Thursday, July 16, 2009

blue bird

Wow, this summer is really not turning out as I had anticipated. I thought I would have a lot more time to sew ...that has not happened yet, life gets in the way...every...single...time that I try to get down to work. And then there is the weather...we have barely had any summer weather here in the north east of the it all feels kind of strange. Rain and then a couple of days of cool, sunny, fall like weather, followed by more rain. And then there are the teen kids and my realization that my relationship with them is changing. The boy has a girlfriend, his first...and she's lovely and complicated and she has blue hair and they are so in love. In love like you only can be when it's your first time. ....and it is so wonderful to watch and so hard to watch all at the same time. I have to admit, I didn't want to like this girl...but I do...I am even fond of her....even though her presence is totally throwing off the equilibrium in our house. The boy wants to be with her all the you do when you are in love...and my daughter (13) is totally in awe of this uber cool creature who plays the bass, sings beautifully and has blue hair...I mean really, to a 13 year old could there be anything more intriguing? And I am so busy, busy all the time just trying to keep up with everything that I find myself just whirring by, catching a glimpse of these newly grown people who live in my house and wondering how it all went by so quickly? So, I'm a little blue...and then this one toddles by and the sun shines again, even on the rainiest day...better enjoy every little minute with her !

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  1. Teenagers - I have that all to come. I can imagine how strange it feels as I can still remember those feelings but having to see your own children go through the same thing (hormones and all) without coming on the heavy mum - it's a tough one!

    Our summer has turned out very, very hot with many a thunderstorm to compensate though for us in the UK it's a nice change as the past couple of years we seem to have had no summer weather at all just rain, rain and more rain.

    take care,

    Nina x

    ps. your little girl is adorable I can see why the sun shines!