Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Autumn in July.....and other news

Since it is raining again here in Salem and the temps have still not reached the 80's, even on a sunny day, my thoughts are drifting toward fall...fall and winter coats and hats and dresses. The picture above shows my work table this morning. I've been dreaming about gorgeous wool coats and berets and bonnets. So inspired by Bluebird makes her Nest and her gorgeous little boy soldier coat....I have decided to make a whole line of girls and boys coats and hats to stock my Etsy shop. Working these patterns out has actually been fun, especially because I do not have the pressure of a looming deadline (since the calendar DOES say it's only July 7th...despite the lack of summer weather). This is the way I like to create, just for the fun of figuring it out. I do have to admit, I am a bit of a quitter when the puzzle part is done...once I've got it set I really have to motivate myself to sew the same thing over and over. So, if you haven't checked out my Etsy shop please do, I managed to get a couple of new designs listed this past weekend...and the model is pretty cute too :) www.littlebirdsfly.etsy.com

In other news, Amanda at Kitschycoo is having a giveaway for two of her beautiful new tops...so cute...one is reversible the other has sweet little puffy sleeves. From my experience Amanda's patterns are clear and easy to follow and the designs are a great combo of practical and just plain sweet...form and function at it's best! So check her blog out (which is a prize in and of itself...this woman is FUNNY) and enter the giveaway a go go!!!

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  1. Tell you what, this weather better improve by the time we arrive at the end of the month! Talking to my mom, it seems that it's been raining every day for more than a month... if I wanted that I'd stay in Scotland!

    Weather aside, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you make with those awesome fabrics. You know I like me some coats :)

    And thanks for the shout out about my giveaway too!