Monday, May 25, 2009

What I do during nap time when I'm not blogging :)

I finally got some photos of the things I have been working on...

This is a little dress that I actually made during the winter...used a no longer worn cashmere sweater...LOVE to repurpose beautiful things! This is the back view...I added a little gusset in the back so the dress wouldn't be so "tubey"
Last week my plan was to make pajamas and nightgowns...I made my mom hers,the shirred top and capris and then I decided to make Mia and Lily some nightgowns...I wanted to use Amanda from Kitschycoo's shirred sundress instructions but I didn't want the straps to tie ,for safety I made the straps in two different ways...first I just attached the strap from the front to the back...I came up with the length for the straps by measuring from collarbone in front to the top of the shoulderblade in back...for Mia the measurement was 13 inches and 7 inches for Lily.

Lily LOVES this teddy bear fabric and is insisting on wearing it during the day :)

Then I made little sleeves in a half moon shape and just tacked them on, front and backThe only problem with this nightie is that it looks so cute that I can't resist using it as a dress...and so Lily still has no's such a very lovely gauzy I decided to make it into a hat to match...

This little dress is headed for my Etsy shop...if I ever get it up and running.....

And last but not least, I made myself a skirt! Yay!!! ...I used the instructions in Anna Maria Horner's book Seams To Me...I made my own pattern based on my measurements (oh my, i think I am a whole new body shape...tubular)...the skirt is so cool and comfortable...I will be making more...perfect for the summer!
sorry for the crappy photos..I especially like the drainage tube in the background here...

Another work in progress for me has been trying to figure out a way to continue giving sewing classes....and I think I've got a great solution to the problem of WHERE (thank you Jamie!) and now we just have to come up with, to be posted soon...sewing class details!

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  1. Oh my you have been busy!!

    I love everything you've made especially the repurposed sweater dress, but I have to say my favourite is the birds dress - beautiful!

    take care,

    Nina x