Monday, May 11, 2009


.....such sweet kids and such a jewel of a husband....they gave me a really wonderful Mother's Day! Everything I so blatantly subtly hinted would make me a very happy mom was presented to me, wrapped so beautifully, and they even remembered cards!! Now I have to come up with some projects for my Anna Maria Horner fabric! I think a bedroom redo may be in order! But that will come later...first things first...this week is all about pajamas and nightgowns. My Mom's birthday is in a week or so and she has somewhat of a PJ, I am going to make her a set and share the process with you all. I also need to make some nightgowns for Lilykins and Minkie...summer is fast approaching and the flannel and fleece jammies just won't do. I will do the tutorial in two parts and tomorrow or Wednesday I will post how to cut out the pajamas without using a pattern...something I am often wont to do...can you tell I've been reading Jane Austen?


  1. what a lovely pile of gifts! can't wait for the tutorial...I am in need of this, and if I can't get it from you in person...written instructions are even better!

  2. Can't wait for the tutorial!
    Thanks also for the Mothers day wishes:) Here in France we have to wait till the month of June for mothers day!