Sunday, September 4, 2011


I spent a couple of hours at the garden plot this week, ripping up plants that were past their best and planting seeds for fall (swiss chard, spinach and lettuce)

This was my first year growing vegetables and I learned a few things:

it is AMAZING how much food two 4x4 foot beds can produce

no matter how cool it might sound to grow "Armenian" cucumbers or "lemon" cucumbers...they probably do better in Armenia...regular old pickling cukes seem to do best in our damp New England climate

It is not a good idea to have tomatoes and lettuce in the same box...lettuce needs a lot of water and tomatoes seem to produce a lot of leaves and little fruit when watered too much

Other boxes at our community garden that were planted with tomatoes and then basically totally neglected have the most amazing tomato yields...the plants look like crap but there are tons of lovely fruit

Planting zucchini and summer squash is not worth the space the plants take cheap to buy at the supermarket!

Pumpkin plants make me a little ENORMOUS amount of vine for just a few pumpkins.. the leaves and stems are so prickly.. and the vines are almost sentient...I think they'd starting winding around my legs if I stood there for too long! But, it'll be very cool to have grown our OWN pumpkin this Halloween!

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