Saturday, November 27, 2010

Scandinavian Stitches

I got Kajsa Wikman's beautiful book Scandinavian Stitches about a week ago and I haven't stopped sewing since.

Things are actually getting a little silly around here...there are Tomte everywhere and my family has been joking that I am turning our home into a Scandinavian sweatshop. My oldest has been home from college for Thanksgiving break and I have recruited him and my daughter to help me with the turning of legs and stuffing and so on. I made one for Lee to take back to school to Christmas up his dorm room and I have already given away two others as earl Christmas gifts. We are keeping a couple to decorate our house....

...and one will be sent to Germany for our dear friend's little boy.

I have so enjoyed making these little elves, Kajsa's designs are very simple and graphic and yet still so sweet. Scandinavian Stitches has many beautiful projects, not just Christmas themed. The book is arranged into projects by the season. I like that many of the projects are small so you can try your hand at a lot of different needlework techniques without getting too involved in a very lengthy process. There is a winter quilt that is so up my alley, it will definitely be my first quilt project. love. love. love. this book!


  1. Thank you for your kind words about my book, I'm so glad you got inspired to sew! I have a bunch of legs to turn myself tonight!