Thursday, June 17, 2010

Salem Farmer's Market 2010 Opening Day

So much fun at the market today...
lovely friends..thank you Mimi and Kara and Jamie and Odessa!
sweet Salem Farmer's Market people...thank you Gus and Jennifer and Aaron!
and a huge thank you to all of my kind and enthusiastic and generous customers...I am so excited for next month! July 16th!

these are some photos of the new felt barrettes...worn by the best model I've ever had the pleasure of working with ;)


  1. looks awesome, hope you did well!!!! So happy to have seen you!!!!

  2. Everything looks amazing!
    Your stall looks very colorful which always helps to attract costumers!
    By the way, thank you for following me!
    I too follow you!
    So hopefully we can keep in touch... every so often!
    As I can tell that you are a very busy bee!Lol
    By the way the model looks super cute!